The Green at St Columbs – Brunch in Hawthorn

Haven’t been posting for ages and even urbanspoon has changed name.  Before they did, they sent me a sticker for urbanspoon which is now on my dog’s bowl:) Anyway.  We went to the Green at St Columbs in Hawthorn for brunch today.  This place seems great for gatherings.  Easy parking and great atmosphere.  We were […]



Bagelicious Bagels in Hawthorn

Having just returned from New York, bagels seem to now come with a memory of filtered coffee, long hours of walking around in the rain (by golly it rained) and staying out nearly all day to get the most of our New York Pass.  Of course, we jumped at the opportunity to try out a […]


Beyond Basic Specialty Coffee Cafe in Port Melbourne

It’s not a very catchy name! Locals might remember this place as the cafe that was Harold Holt but it’s worthwhile remembering Beyond Basic because it’s a great cafe. We went with our dogs and they had a lovely time too – the place is exquisitely dog friendly which is probably a huge plus in […]

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant and I love Pho in Emporium Food Court

Normally I don’t go to the city but around the Christmas period Emporium had a pretty good parking deal (free!) with the pre-booking service secure parking so that tempted me out to the city. New Shanghai First up was New Shanghai! We started eating at about 530pm but the venue was already starting to fill up […]



Piggery Cafe in Mount Dandenong – lunch

The venue is one of the highlights of Piggery Cafe.  Set in Mount Dandenong, close to the thousand steps and near the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens, I’d wonder why more of us don’t stop by the Piggery Cafe for a bite to eat in between everything we could be doing here.  It was however a […]

The Grand Hotel Dining Room Richmond – Pub Lunch

I’ve been to The Grand before for a lovely dinner and liked it very much.  Little did I know that their pub section is actually rather popular – I’m glad we went there for lunch this time.  The pub section is much more laid back and features an outdoor seating area which would probably have […]



Dare III Korean Restaurant in Richmond

Our experience at Dare III started off pretty bad but the food made up for it! My friend had reserved a table for the occasion since we had a group of about ten.  On arrival they didn’t get us a booth table until we complained that we were sitting on about three to four separate […]

East Elevation brunch in East Brunswick 2

A cafe sharing a business and building with a chocolate factory.  East Elevation was the choice of my friend for brunch because of this.  It’s a shame after my dish which was full of beans I didn’t feel like a hot chocolate at all – something to keep in mind for next time because those […]



I Spicy Thai Restaurant for Dinner in Hawthorn

Recent comments on urbanspoon seem to suggest i Spicy’s serving size has decreased.  I think it was my second time here – I remember having trouble finding it since it’s located in the same building as Safeway (hence parking is remarkably easy to find).  If you’re looking for a place to sit for ages and […]