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One of my favourite travelling accessories is the Aeropress coffee maker.  It is compact, portable and makes a lovely clean coffee similar to filtered.  It can be used with paper filters although recently we’ve acquired the S filter, a stainless steel filter which lightens the load even more. Even on our trip to Europe, we brought the Aeropress because the quality of coffee while travelling especially can really be quite disappointing.  Last time we even brought along a Porlex mini hand grinder – I think I can’t really taste the difference but it certainly became a morning ritual, grinding enough coffee for four and then brewing the coffee with assorted cups from the hotels (it is exceptionally difficult to make coffee from the Aeropress if one does not have a sturdy cup – imagine exerting all that force onto a paper cup!)  The porlex also fits rather well into the aeropress. Match made in heaven huh?

I only realised this last trip but the best way to use the Aeropress is actually upside down (the inverted method).  The problem with sitting the brew upright whilst steeping is that the liquid drips through the filter.  The inverted way is a bit more finicky, turning the Aeropress over onto a cup, but the end result is better.


One thing that people always raise as a possible disadvantage is the usage of paper filters and needing to purchase replacements.  One pack lasts nearly a year if you drink it once a day! But for the environmentally friendly of us (or we just don’t want to pay for postage of these replacement filters), I’d recommend picking up a metal filters like the S filter or Able fine.  I bring one when I’m travelling because I don’t want the hassle of paper and I haven’t really noticed a huge difference to the coffee which is all that matters!

Note a disclaimer – we actually sell the Aeropress (it is one of our most popular items), the Porlex hand grinder and the filters – but we like using our own stock which is a great sign no?

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