Akachochin Japanese Izakaya in South Wharf

I don’t go to South Wharf much but there are advantages as I found out when we went to Akachochin to celebrate my friend’s birthday.  The parking is plentiful which is important for a Saturday, there’s a complimentary drink (different each day – was Coopers beer on this occasion) and with a discount card from the restaurant, the cost is only $5.

It’s hard to order for a group at a restaurant such as Akachochin so they offer a tasting menu.  We decided to choose our own items however and went through quite a few small items as expected at an Izakaya.

A starter to wet the appetite is always a nice touch.

On their recommendation we ordered the tebasaki gyoza which is a plate of two chicken wings stuffed with gyoza material.  This reminded me of chicken kievs but deep fried with nice crispy bits. Delicious but artery clogging.

Their kingfish tartare was mixed with miso and wasabi and wasn’t quite to my liking because of this.  The flavouring was rather heavy for kingfish and whilst the rice crackers were indeed delicate as per their description, this was a bit too much so to withstand the chunky fish.

Strangely even though we had ordered all our items together and traditionally would be served sushi first before deep fried and grilled items, we were served sushi after the tebasaki gyoza and the abura salmon came later on.

The sushi moriawase was nice but rather pricey at $33 for 6 onigiri and a few rolls.

The abura salmon was lovely but again pricey – $4 per piece.  I’m surprised the wait staff didn’t suggest we change the plate to order one per person as it comes as a plate of four when they knew we were ordering for six.  Oh well.

The wagyu tataki was nice for those brave enough to eat raw meat!  Again tiny so order something to fill yourself here like a rice dish.

Lastly we had the mixed grill.  I think their other items such as the sushi and appetisers were better as everything on this platter tasted around the same flavour wise and wasn’t particularly exciting.

We also ordered oyako don salmon style (salmon with roe) which was better value for money (forgot to take a photo).

All in all, for its premium location, Akachochin is pretty good.  But the price you pay here is a bit steep – the discounted parking and free drink help but we paid $55 per person for what could easily be roughly $30-40 at another restaurant.  I’d also steer clear of the grilled izakaya dishes – try Maedaya instead!


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