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For my friend’s 30th birthday we went to Albert Street Food and Wine in Brunswick for their set dinner.  Earlier I had mentioned this restaurant as a place I’d like to visit again and I’m happy my friend chose to celebrate here.  Their set menu is $65 and comes with entree, main and dessert with a choice between 2-3 dishes.

The restaurant itself is large and easily seated our large table of about 14.

Our starters included grilled haloumi and pickled zucchini.  A fantastic way to start the meal and ease into the three course meal with the sour zucchini.

Bread is always welcome at the start of the meal.  Went well with their other starter which included a fish paste “Baccala”, apparently made from dried cod.  I didn’t like the  ”Green Goddess”  too much but it might be a matter of personal taste.  It was apparently a mix of capers, asparagus and artichoke according to other blog posts on this dish.

Their charcuterie was a very generous serving of meats, pickled vegetables and bread sticks.

For our mains, the most popular item on the menu seemed to be the lamb belly which is what I chose too.

I found it a bit fatty but I guess one can guess it would be from looking at the item title – lamb belly!  It was quite succulent and easily came apart with just a fork.  The accompanying eggplant was fantastic but the chickpeas looked deceptively like they would be lovely and crispy.  Unfortunately they weren’t – I’m not exactly sure what they were aiming for but I think I’m just being picky because I was looking forward to deep fried chickpeas.

I only managed to get a picture of the yellow fin tuna – it looked lovely and I remember having salmon here which was lovely and pink in the middle.

Sides were served and included a salad and potatoes.  The salad had such a fascinating name: “Philippa’s friendly lettuce salad”.  It did look quite enticing and fresh with their leaves bursting out of the bowl.

Our meal was finished off with dessert – of which we had our fair share.  Most of the table chose to try their signature lemon tart and it was a hefty serving each of us got.  A beautifully short pastry with lemon filling.  Unadorned and simple but lovely.

My friend got their strawberry sorbet which comes with tubes of meringue.  A completely different approach to plating and very refreshing in contrast to the lemon tart (perhaps the lemon tart was a bit too much at the end of a three course meal!).


For our friend’s birthday cake we were served a chocolate mousse cake.  I loved this cake – it reminded me of that I had tried from Le Petit Gateau for my birthday.  Each slice had a quinelle of mousse and was topped with another meringue cigar.  Lovely but again by this time we were all deep into a food coma.

Another lovely meal here.  I must come back to use my Entertainment Card next time!  Another plus was that parking was surprisingly easy to find.


Albert Street Food and Wine

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