Baba Sus Asian Fusion Cafe in Glen Iris – egg waffles for breakfast, brunch and lunch!

An Asian fusion cafe…. Normally I wouldn’t try such places but the temptation of hong kong style egg waffles was too much. I had toyed with the idea of sourcing a waffle pan to make them at home but each time I baulked at the cost and the weight of the pan, needing to carry it from Hong Kong back to Melbourne.  I think after this experience, I might just buy it from Amazon – there’s one made by Nordic Ware I’ve had my eyes on for a few years now.

So our experience at Baba Sus was a mixed one.  It was certainly busy and bustling at lunchtime on a weekend – we even had to wait for seats. I saw another table’s serving of soba with tempura and a soft boiled egg on top and was instantly swayed towards this dish (probably a bad thing). I think I’m just too set in my ways to try fusion food – soba normally isn’t served with a soft boiled egg.  The way they served it made it hard to adjust the amount of sauce served (I like dipping mine as I like mine on the blander side) but on the plus side, their tempura was fantastic.  More people should try enoki mushrooms for tempura – a match made in heaven really (strange – literally right after writing this I went to Steer Bar and Grill and they had deep fried enoki with their mushroom tortellini).

Two of my friends tried their wagyu burger which looked really juicy.  Their thick cut chips were fantastic.  Piping hot and thick enough to really let you enjoy the soft creamy potato inside.

We also couldn’t go past their pork crackling.  Very nice! Not sure how this goes for breakfast but oh well – can make an exception for this.

Also rest assured there are more normal cafe stuff on their menu – I think the only whiff of fusion was from chinese pork on the plate and I’ve always felt there should be more char siu on the menu everywhere.

Unfortunately, I found the egg waffles disappointing.  They just weren’t the same as that served in Hong Kong. I know it is fusion food but it was soft and mushy and lacked any crispness.  The flavours were nice and certainly it tasted alright but it wasn’t what we were hoping for.

All in all, I can see why Baba Sus is so popular.  Just don’t come for the Hong Kong egg waffles if you want to recreate your Hong Kong experience.  You might just be disappointed and like me, tempted again to buy a very overpriced waffle pan (it is nearly $90 – enough to buy more nearly 100x egg waffles in Hong Kong…!).

Baba Sus

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