Bambaleros Cafe in Canterbury

Bambaleros is a place I’d come back to.  Great coffee with decorations, the ability to book in advance (which is great when you have a party of more than 6 really!) and food to boot.

Located on Maling Rd in Surrey Hills, Bambaleros seems to have many other close contenders vying for cafe patrons.  It’s a somewhat quaint shopping street which reminds me of some rural towns or even Mount Dandenong.  We sat outside on the day we dined here – it might have been slightly too bright on that day however.  Some shade would have been nice!

The coffees here were wonderful. This cafe even gives the option of buying their coffee beans – this really shows you they’re serious about their coffee right? I was slightly disappointed my soy latte didn’t come out as stunning as the standard milk lattes which were the base for beautiful latte art in the form of a bear.

I had the croquettes which were crispy morsels filled with ham and cheese, reminiscent of Mr Hive’s little pig with the flavour combinations.  This was a generous dish served with bacon, tomatoes and a poached egg.

The avocado mushroom smash was probably a healthier but equally tasty option while the empanadas from the lunch menu were tasty treats (possibly a little unexciting if ordered for one person rather than sharing).

For a sweeter option, the buttermilk pancakes are available served with ice cream and topped with a mixture of berries.

This place even discounted more than they were obliged to with the Entertainment Book.  Hoping they’re in the 2014/2015 edition!


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Bambaleros -37.825098, 145.081326

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