Bluestone Bar on Flinders Lane in the CBD

I love using my entertainment card – as an added bonus most restaurants I’ve been to using it haven’t been disappointing.  Bluestone Bar was a good place to sit and relax and have a few drinks – the only problem I found was that it was a bit on the dark side (lighting wise).  It is bar after all so this is to be expected!  The food was alright – I certainly wouldn’t travel so far for pizza though.

It is a pizza bar after all so we only ordered a few other items apart from pizza such as the salad with tuna and corn chips.

My favourite of the line up of pizza we ordered would have to be the hot salami, mushrooms with napoli and kalamata olives followed closely by the lamb sausage.  I’m a thin base pizza person and Bluestone Bar certainly serves exactly what I like – thin and crunchy base topped with bold and interesting flavours.

For a vegetarian option the pumpkin and spinach pizza went down well too. I didn’t quite like the mushroom pizza as much – I just don’t think enoki tastes nice raw and there was a lot of cheese.

So if you want to have a few drinks, thin based pizza and have the entertainment card – Bluestone Bar’s not a bad pick! Otherwise I’m sure there are other places to try out.

Bluestone Bar

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Bluestone Bar -37.817792, 144.962823

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