Burgda Uyghur Restaurant Xinjiang in Glen Waverley

Burgda Uyghur Restaurant is a relative newcomer to the rather long list of restaurants in Glen Waverley – it’s located opposite the train station on Railway Parade.  My family quite likes Xinjiang food – especially lamb skewers so we tried this restaurant a while ago.

(I wonder how long they’ll use this type of servingware!)

We always order lamb skewers – I’d suggest you order a few hot ones if you’re feeling up to it!

Cold noodle salad is quite refreshing as well especially in the summer months – the dressing is a combination of hot and sour.

For mains, we ordered two types of fried noodles – I can’t remember the exact names unfortunately but both were quite nice.  The lamb was quite tender and I like the combination of capsicums and tomatoes.

We love the flat noodles that are served at Xinjiang restaurants – they’re little squares of dough that can be fried or served in soup. This photo doesn’t do justice to how filling it is – it’s full of noodles and veggies!

The one item we decided to try out was unfortunately rather disappointing – the lamb parcels.  They would’ve been nice except they had not quite heated them up enough so the centre was cold.  The contents were precooked fortunately.

So we rather enjoyed Burgda Uyghur Restaurant – it’s good to have a xinjiang restaurant in Glen Waverley! Having said that – there’s also Dolan in Springvale and San Yuan in Dandenong which we often frequent.

Burgda Uyghur Restaurant

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Burgda Uyghur Restaurant -37.878917, 145.162562

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