My Cambodia (again) in Springvale

I felt like during my last visit to My Cambodia in Springvale we didn’t have much of an opportunity to try out many of their dishes so we went back a few more times.  Having enjoyed their tom yum noodle soup so much though, mum just couldn’t help but order it again (and not surprisingly I didn’t object).

I think our favourite dishes so far have been the tom yum noodle soup, the sweet and sour noodles and their spring rolls.

The sweet and sour noodles luckily weren’t as western as I thought it would be – it’s actually fried thin rice noodles with egg and seafood served with nuoc cham, the lovely sauce that often accompanies spring rolls and bun vermicelli dishes.  The combination is fantastic, the sauce adding a lovely tang and a small handful of crushed peanuts adding texture and flavour.

Other dishes we have tried include the red seafood curry which was a little bit similar, flavour wise, to the tom yum noodle soup and had a generous portion of sauce.  The dish is on the pricier side so I suspect they expect more people to share this dish with rice.

Their lemongrass beef rice was okay – a dish for the meat lovers but if eating by myself, would be a bit on the heavy side.

Wanting something a bit more on the lighter side, we had ordered their spring roll bun (vermicelli noodles).  Now whilst it was okay, it wasn’t the best I’ve had (I think Nam Phuong, a favourite of Almost Always Ravenous, does it better).  The spring rolls that restaurants seem to reserve for this dish always seem to be different to that served when ordering spring rolls alone. Or maybe it’s because the whole concept of mixing deep fried spring rolls in with noodles, salad and the nuoc cham sauce does not lend itself to having the nicest spring rolls – they were a little hard by the time we ate them.

We also tried their green curry fish noodle.  It was easily our least enjoyed dish.  Maybe the flavours of the green curry were too different to the versions I’ve had in the past, I’m not sure – we just didn’t like the flavour much at all.


On the whole, we’ve only disliked that one dish so I can safely say My Cambodia has made it into the list of restaurants we normally cycle through on a weekly basis.  There’s still quite a few dishes we haven’t tried – I have read on other reviews that their broken rice is fantastic – I can’t wait to try it.

My Cambodia

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