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If you are like me, you go to the same restaurants again and again. For Springvale, most people go to the same pho restaurants or perhaps branch out and go to the claypot place, first taste. Luckily with urbanspoon we decided to try a new restaurant – we were quite happy with our choice – My Cambodia. We haven’t tried much Cambodian food in the past but of course, we couldn’t quite get rid of the other habit – ordering the same items. But really, who would pass up on prawn spring rolls when they look like a whole prawn just wrapped and deep fried? They were fantastic by the way- I think getting the main size was probably a bit much for the three of us but we chomped our way through these shamefully easily.


  Next we had the special fried rice. It was actually fried quite well and very cheap – less than $10 and came with little bits of lap cheong.

I’d say the fried rice was disappointing, only because it was so overshadowed by the Tom yum noodle soup which was amazing and made me wish we ordered something different like the fish head noodle soup or green curry soup. I have yet to have better Tom yum noodle soup in Melbourne. Fresh seafood and a delicately balanced tangy soup. We thoroughly enjoyed this and will be coming back for more sooner rather than later. According to other bloggers, the barramundi is fantastic and they have quite a few other dishes that I really wanted to try…

My Cambodia

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My Cambodia -37.949043, 145.151369


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