Canton Cuisine Cantonese Restaurant in Glen Waverley

Do you remember Tung Wo opposite Frenchy’s Bistro in Glen Waverley? It’s now under new management and called Canton Cuisine.  My family has tried it several times and we’re glad to report there’s another eatery (it’s a growing list!) in Glen Waverley we will be frequenting. I’ve never had such a dish before but I liked it – the vermicelli base is fried almost like the Vietnamese vermicelli squares and then served topped with bitter melon and pork spare ribs in black bean sauce.  Possibly a bit too much sauce but it tasted pretty nice.

Like the old Tung Wo they offer roast duck and pork etc which is great for a lazy dinner at home.  If you’re eating in and feel like some, they offer it with rice or in noodles like what we had.  We were quite happy with the generous portion of duck which was tender and succulent. The roast pork braised with tofu on rice was great too.  At some places you get the feeling that the roast pork they use is left over.  Here it seemed quite fresh and not overcooked. The beef and scrambled egg rice noodles were alright – it seemed like they might have run out of the usual wider rice noodle used for frying because there seemed to be about a quarter of thinner width strands not really made for frying.  I’ve certainly tried it at home – it’s no easy task frying rice noodles made for soup. So. There’s yet another Asian eatery in Glen Waverley to try out – if you like Chinese BBQ and other Hong Kong favourites, it’s worth a try.

Canton Cuisine

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