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Ramen in Melbourne versus Japan – Fukuryu, Shizuku, Ajisen, Kokoro versus Ippudo and Ichiran 1

Ah… I have had ramen cravings.  Since coming back from Tokyo I’ve avoided having Japanese food for fear of disappointment. And who could blame me after all that ramen in Tokyo…  I think overall my mum and I liked Ippudo more because it has better seating.  Ichiran has a system where you order via ticket […]


Shyun Japanese Restaurant in Carnegie 2

I can’t tell you how happy I am to have discovered Shyun in Carnegie.  Not pricey and fantastic, fresh Japanese food.  They accept bookings too but it seems they reserve some tables for booking customers and others for the casual walk ins. Their ordering system was certainly interesting – I haven’t seen this much in […]