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Southgate Fiesta – Melbourne Food and Wine Festival: Miyako, Tutto Bene, Festival Artisan Bakery & Bar

What a lovely kick off to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.  We really made a day out of it, grazing along the Yarra starting off with Miyako and making our way towards the wine tasting  area. My last visit to Miyako was a good two years ago.  Things haven’t changed much (the entree looks […]

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant and I love Pho in Emporium Food Court

Normally I don’t go to the city but around the Christmas period Emporium had a pretty good parking deal (free!) with the pre-booking service secure parking so that tempted me out to the city. New Shanghai First up was New Shanghai! We started eating at about 530pm but the venue was already starting to fill up […]



Ramen in Melbourne versus Japan – Fukuryu, Shizuku, Ajisen, Kokoro versus Ippudo and Ichiran 1

Ah… I have had ramen cravings.  Since coming back from Tokyo I’ve avoided having Japanese food for fear of disappointment. And who could blame me after all that ramen in Tokyo…  I think overall my mum and I liked Ippudo more because it has better seating.  Ichiran has a system where you order via ticket […]