Crabapple kitchen for brunch in Hawthorn

We had a lovely time at Crabapple kitchen – there’s ample parking and we certainly weren’t rushed out the door as we had a leisurely brunch with dessert as well.  It was on the other hand a tad pricey for the type of food and portion sizes but the food was fresh.

I had the corn fritters with coriander and chilli.  The avocado puree was lovely and I don’t remember the dish being spicy at all.

Other people ordered more substantial lunch dishes including the flat iron steak and the risotto.  The risotto raised eye brows because it was a shade of pink – my friend said it was okay only.  The flat iron steak was good apart from it being served with a butter knife for my friend to mince her way through.

The pithivier puff pastry with roast parsnip was lovely and light and had a great presentation but was possibly on the small side given my friend who ordered this ended up devouring most of the buttermilk pancakes later and was most vocal in the call for desserts.

If choosing for next time, I’d want to try out the calamari kitchen – it just looks so vibrant and comes with tantalising bits of not so healthy sausage.

The mutton dressed up as lamb looks just a tiny bit too small for my liking on the other hand – that and those brussel sprouts.

For dessert, we ordered a butterscotch dish (name promptly forgotten!) which was a tad sweet.  I’m sure chocolate lovers would adore the chocolate cake however – it was the winner out of the three.

The French toast was rather unusual in its adornments as you can see.

So whilst we enjoyed our brunch at Crabapple Kitchen – I found it a bit pricey for the small dishes we were served.  Their dishes were quite nice however so I can see why they’d have a steady fan base as they do already.


Crabapple Kitchen

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