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Welcome back to Simple Italian Food! That’s what D.O.C boasts about and exactly the reason why we chose to go there while in Mornington (well perhaps the other reason was because the restaurant we were thinking about going to had a wedding planned…).  The building itself is quite interesting (and how did I not take a photo…) and inside, they sell cheese and other deli type stuff.

DOC Mornington

We chose to start off with their rocket salad – it comes with slices of pear and pecorino shaved on top.  I’ve never liked rocket (especially when it’s dumped, not even dressed, on top of a pizza).  And that’s why this dish surprised me – the combination went so well and their light salad dressing was quite nice.

Focaccia was next – simple but well done.

We went with pizza soppressa – salami, provolone drizzled with pesto and scattered with olives.  The pizza base was quite thin but robust enough to hold the topping.  I actually like this type of pizza more than that which I tried in Naples – there they had pizza with incredibly wet centres that dripped everywhere and fell apart… But apparently that was how it was supposed to be.

For dessert we opted to try their goats cheese tiramisu – nothing spectacular but we wanted to try it because of the deviation from the norm.  Perhaps we were getting a bit full by now as all this was consumed between three girls.

Lastly we had the nutella calzoni.  I’m sure it’s quite common nowadays to have gooey nutella slathered on crepes and inside calzonis like this but it just works so well.  It was served with some exceptional vanilla bean ice cream – creamy, not at all icy and it had flecks of vanilla seeds throughout.

We enjoyed our meal at D.O.C Mornington.  I think they live up to their slogan of simple Italian food – DOC offers traditional Italian dishes done well and with finesse.  Though it’s comparable to many other Italian restaurants in Melbourne, if you’re in the mood for Italian while down in Mornington visiting the Hot Springs or just lazing around on the beach, I’d recommend a trip here!


D.O.C Mornington

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