Dare III Korean Restaurant in Richmond

Our experience at Dare III started off pretty bad but the food made up for it! My friend had reserved a table for the occasion since we had a group of about ten.  On arrival they didn’t get us a booth table until we complained that we were sitting on about three to four separate round tables which had been pushed together.  The manager did try to make up for it with some complimentary dishes and we did like the food.  I think their wait staff need to be aware of the first impressions rule however.

We tried nearly all their menu – their fried chicken was pretty good.  There’s a choice between spare ribs and wings.

Their stir fried beef and noodles dish was quite tasty as well.  I didn’t manage to take a photo prior to us eating nearly all of it though!

For other usual Korean fare, I’d recommend the pancakes.  Their kimchi flavoured one turned out crunchier but was rather spicy so for those who can’t take the chili, there’s the plain flavoured one too.

They also offered some other dishes like asparagus beef wraps which were rather tasty appetisers.

I haven’t tried that many Korean restaurants in Richmond but Dare III isn’t bad.  Their prices are cheap and we enjoyed the food.  We ended up ordering too much for our table (I’m glad we listened to the waiter who suggested cancelling a few dishes) so keep this in mind for your visit!

Dare III

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Dare III -37.810013, 144.993397

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