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A cafe sharing a business and building with a chocolate factory.  East Elevation was the choice of my friend for brunch because of this.  It’s a shame after my dish which was full of beans I didn’t feel like a hot chocolate at all – something to keep in mind for next time because those drinks are mighty popular!

Look for the red door to find East Elevation on Lygon Street – there’s only the tiniest sign to show that there’s actually a cafe in the warehouse type buildling.  The inside is beautifully decorated with plenty of greenery and there’s chocolate to tempt you everywhere (it’s always tempting to bring something home!). 

 The baked beans with chorizitos was lovely (albeit a bit filling).  The chorizitos had a lot of juice so be careful whilst cutting into them! Their flavour went well with the tomato-ey beans and the feta.  They used white polenta as the base to soak up all the juices.  Possibly because this heavy dish was also served with some toasted bread, I was well and truly full by the end of it.

My friend had the healthy option and opted for the roast eggplant and tahini salad.

For something different, they also offer black pudding with kale and roast tomatoes.  This also looks somewhat healthier than my essentially sausage and beans.

 We all agreed that their breakfast options were nice.  It seems like most of the allure of East Elevation comes from their chocolate drinks and I’ll have to keep that in mind for next time.  There are a few hot chocolates to choose from – the waiter had recommended their Vietnamese hot chocolate.  Next time!

East Elevation

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