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First, ignore the name – when I heard the name of the restaurant we were going to try was called “Foods Paradise” I was imagining a food court where nearly everything is served and nothing comes out right.

Foods Paradise has only just opened in the last few months, displacing Hakka Tea House to a smaller shop a few doors down.  It serves a mix of Taiwanese and Malaysian food.  Interestingly, at the time of this blog post, the reviews of this restaurant have been shocking on urbanspoon – I’m glad we tried it based on word of mouth instead.  Of course, all my family friends live around Glen Waverley so when a new Asian restaurant opens, nearly everyone goes to try it out.

The menu is quite extensive and offers your usual fare of rice dishes, noodle dishes, appetisers etc.


We tried the cucumber appetiser and I was surprised that a dish that costs less than $5 would have such nice presentation.  There was a deep fried garnish that went well with the sweet and spicy vegetable.

Next we tried the sweet pork ribs on dried noodles.  They use quite a tender part of the pork ribs where the bone meets the cartilage – this was a dish we all enjoyed.  Perhaps if I was eating just this dish, by the end I would have found it a tad too sweet.

Next we had the hokkien fried rice.  The presentation of this dish was lovely and reminded my brother of the fried rice served as part of banquets back in Hong Kong.  Fried rice is mounded in the centre and is surrounded by a gravy sauce made up a mixture of oyster and soy sauces.  A lovely combination.

We tried the fried hor fun – this was the least favourite out of the five dishes we tried.  There was too much sauce and the noodles did not seem like they were browned enough in the wok but rather floated in a sea of gravy.

Lastly we tried the fried vermicelli.  A lovely balance of thinly cut vegetables and the thin noodles.  My favourite for the night.

Now they also seemed to have quite the dessert list – I saw several tables ordering the steamed coconut milk pudding – I’ll definitely come back to try this and their fried durian puff.  Don’t believe the ratings – this restaurant is definitely worth a try.


Foods paradise

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2 thoughts on “Foods Paradise in Glen Waverley

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    They didnt displace hakka. There was another resturant there called Ho Chak which did so. Food was much better then.

    • Reply
      Agnes Post author

      Ohh really? I thought Hakka used to occupy a double lot – can’t remember exactly where though.