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With all this hot weather, how have you kept cool?  My dogs lie right under the air con on the cold tiles and we keep bottled water in the fridge for them (and us on occasion!) We also need to stop them from playing too hard outside and sun baking (why do white fluffy dogs like lying in the sun?!)

Yesterday, a group of us having just finished a two day course decided enough was enough with all the studying.  We decided to give ourselves a treat and visit Messina in Fitzroy again.  Last time I noted that the cost of three scoops was only $1 more than two so we were keen to share and maximise our ice cream flavour tasting:money ratio.

Hence – we ordered the tasting plate for $12 – you get five scoops.  Pros? It’s easier to taste each flavour with each scoop on a separate plate and it’s easier to share between friends.  Cons…. you need to choose five flavours – it’s hard enough to choose two!

Luckily there’s always the specials board to help you out! Handy tip: on their facebook page they post pictures of these – there’s a line but if you’re indecisive like me, there’s not enough time to choose!

We tried four of the specials:

HAVE A GAY OLD TIME - caramel gelato swirled with milk gelato with bits of chocolate covered biscuit crumbs

Fraga lickn’ good – strawberry and coconut gelato with lychee bread and butter pudding

NICKY GLASSES – salted caramel and coffee gelato with whipped cream

NACHITO – pineapple, honey and cinnamon gelato


During my last visit I had commented it was on the sweet side (hey it IS gelato I know….).  This time with five flavours and some lighter like the Nachito, it was a lot more balanced (is there such a thing?)  The pistachio lived up to its reputation – fresh, nutty and not overly dyed with green. Friga lickn’ good is aptly named – although I couldn’t quite taste lychee in all the bits of bread and butter pudding.

Can’t wait for another excuse to come here! Hoping everyone is managing to beat the heat and that the fire situation calms down soon.


Update March 2014: Even with the weather cooler – it’s nice to enjoy Messina hey. I’ve only just realised how much cheaper buying a tub to enjoy at home is.  We shared a 500ml tub (choice of about 3 flavours) between 4 and were rather satisfied.  All for $10. I think my new favourite flavours are their sorbets – lychee and mango.

Messina Gelato

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