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After reading the guide to zone 2 dining, I was pretty excited when my friend suggested going to Ginger Jones in Dandenong for brunch.



So brunch isn’t brunch without trying their breakfast “The Ginger Breakfast”.  The hashbrown was certainly very different – quite crisp from what I tried but my friend said some parts were a bit dry and hard.

I ordered the breakfast wrap with avocado guacamole.  Lovely sunny side up egg in a breakfast burrito and a generous serving of avocado.  I did notice however, it was a bit cold by the time it came.  My friend said the same about her breakfast.  I wonder why this was the case – we went on a Saturday morning when there were only about two other tables being served.

The idea itself is fantastic – I thought the burrito didn’t quite match the egg or maybe it needed a zingier sauce to bind the ingredients together.  Or maybe I just didn’t know what to think because it was a bit cold – it’s hard to get past that fact when it was so cold and windy that day!


To be honest, I haven’t tried many cafes in Dandenong.  I can see why Ginger Jones made the zone 2 dining guide – it has potential and serves quality cafe food – if I was in Dandenong and wanting brunch, I’d definitely come try again because I can only think of places like Zouki or the food court at this stage – maybe it’s time to look at urbanspoon for suggestions…  I did go past a bakery which seemed pretty popular on the same street.

Ginger Jones

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