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Korean hotpot.   This is what is served and done well at Goga Soondae in Carnegie.  When we came here we were actually a little unhappy because we had wanted to go to Shyun but had not had the foresight to book and tried a “walk in” which failed miserably because the front entrance was full with around 4-5 groups already waiting.

Thus with trusty urbanspoon, we tried Goga Soondae.  First we were quite perplexed by their menu because it’s hard to judge portion sizes and although the staff were lovely, their English wasn’t the best.  Luckily they were able to direct us as to what to order and whether it would be enough for the four of us.

We tried the pork sausage (Soondae, small for $10).  This is the first time I’ve ever tried Korean sausage and I really liked it.  It wasn’t salty like I expected and had little bits of noodle in there.  Yum.

What we noticed most about the menu was that it was definitely a restaurant geared towards sharing.  Apart from about 5 rice dishes on the menu, the rest were sharing plates and hotpots.  We chose the spicy pork bones hot pot ($39) and were advised that the “small” suited 2-3 people so we went for the large and added 2x udon ($3) and 2x rice ($2 each).  It was massive.  The pork bones were lovely with the flesh just melting away and accompanied by wombak.  We especially liked the udon and had to order more.  The only thing was that the large seemed a bit too much for my family of four and a waste as it was, we couldn’t finish it.  It had such a generous serving of meat and the waitress was lovely and kept coming over to check on the hot pot, topping up the soup and helping us serve the dish.

They did provide condiments such as pickled daikon, onions and chives etc but I wish there was a smallish vegetable dish that could be ordered (or perhaps the option to add more veggies?) .  But this is me being rather picky because it was a fantastic meal and next time it’s a cold winters day I have another place to go to.  From other reviews it seems their cold noodles are nice too so I’ll just have to come back another time.


On another note, can anyone tell me what “Bossam nang chae” is?  It looks great!



Goga Soondae

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Goga Soondae -37.886542, 145.057895

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