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I must have been pretty impressed by the whole package at The Grange in Lancefield seeing I bothered to find it on urbanspoon.  I doubt many people will find this post handy but for those of you planning a wedding in Lancefield? Might just be what you’re looking for…. I’m sure the groom and bride in this case can vouch they had a lovely time and we did too.  Now, please note this post is based on the food served during a large wedding. Catering for lots of people to be served at the same time is very different to serving guests at a restaurant but I can hazard a guess the standard at Glen Erin is phenomenal.

I was attending a wonderful wedding there a few weeks ago – it was straight after the four or five consecutive days above 40 degrees when everyone was waiting for the cool change.  As such, wedding guests such as myself were rather eager for weather that doesn’t make you feel weak at the knees. Unfortunately, mother nature seemed to hear our wishes a bit too much – it was incredibly chilly that night for an outdoor reception/dinner.

You know things are going wayward when guests huddle around heat lamps – does make for good conversation ice breakers though! Waiting staff were nice enough to serve hot water to guests – I do wonder if they could have been more prepared for the cold weather seeing we had to prompt them about heat lamps. I guess no one expected a day like this to turn into what it did – we all didn’t come prepared, especially the girls! We all looked on at the bride with awe – determination not to have every photo with the groom’s blazer on.

This place is wonderful for weddings.  Winery backdrop – the perfect location for wedding pictures and accommodation available for those lucky enough to have the weekend off to make attending the wedding a get away.  

Food wise – I always have high expectations of winery food having had some wonderful meals in King Valley whilst on rotation to Wangaratta and I’m glad to say The Grange didn’t disappoint.

For starters: wonderful dishes to whet our appetite and set our expectations probably a bit unrealistically high.  The pork belly mille feuille was exceptional – eating each element in a stack is of course challenging but so worth the effort (thank you charlo for meticulously cutting each element and re-stacking them so I could try!).  The warm duck salad was enjoyable too but paled in comparison.

For mains, there was either the duck breast - sweet and sticky char siu lacquered with a lovely bed of vegetables.  Isn’t it always the way with alternating dishes – the grass is always greener?  I think in this case every second person was a little disappointed by the beef! It was a bit overcooked… nice sauce though.  The groom mused that they had actually already gotten them to change the original beef dish (this was a shocking revelation to us!)

Desserts – it’s a shame we didn’t have much lighting – the sun had well and truly set and guests were flocking inside to escape the cold so we quickly ducked back outside to wolf down these treats before going back inside… Again – another example of grass greener syndrome – The homemade Bailey’s cheesecake was quite nice but wow the citrus tart was amazing….

So, if you’re a foodie (or have foodie friends for that matter!), want a lovely backdrop for all your wedding photos – The Grange is actually a pretty good package – beautiful, relaxing, wonderful fresh food. Just watch out for the weather as always with outdoor receptions!

The Grange, Glen Erin at Lancefield

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