Hero Baguettes/Subs near RMIT in the CBD 2

Mmmm…  Hero Subs. Glad I wasn’t tempted by those sausages at the voting centre today! I don’t think I’ll go to subway for a while yet – although I guess this new place is a bit far, being conveniently located for RMIT students behind building 80 (for those of you who are like me and have no idea where this is, it’s best to make your way towards Stewart Street and just walk down and you’ll find this place).  Their slogan is “big sandwich flavours” and they really mean it.  The store is mainly geared towards take away though they seem to have some temporary seating for the colder months located just next door.


Bring on the subs!  It’s $7.8 for half size and $11.8 for whole with a choice between classic and multi grain bread.

First the Paradise: like a caesar salad in a sub – it’s certainly the first time I’ve had a crouton in a sub before – though I did like it, it seemed a bit too bready.  Fantastic dressing though!

Next the Brklyn – 10 hour pulled lamb and shredded picked beetroot.  This would have been my pick if I were to order here.  Pulled lamb and beetroot topped with feta – it’s hard to go wrong with this combination and it was a job well done.

My favourite of the lot was definitely the Catcher – panko crumb shrimp with coleslaw.  Really fresh, crunchy prawns with thousand island dressing in a multigrain baguette.  The multigrain baguettes seemed a bit smaller which made the filling to bread ratio a bit better than the original.

I think I need to try out more seafood based subs around town because I liked this one a lot…

Our last sub was the Kid Royale – a playful filling of roasted beef with onion jam, dijon topped with onion rings.  An odd combination and definitely hard to eat while balancing those onion rings on top.  It doesn’t say in their description but I thought there was melted cheese in there too which went nicely with the dijon…



Last but not least we finished off our massive meal with their baked cookie (and some donuts I forgot to take a photo of).  Melty choc chip – yum.

Do note that the entrance is from Stewart Street even though their official address is 445 Swanston St.

We dined courtesy of Hero Subs.  Now we’ve all had enough carbs to do that marathon we all had in mind (or not) – even though we were all really full (understandably following so many subs) I wish we had room for the pulled pork one with corn salsa…

Hero Gourmet Baguettes

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