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Hook Line and Sinker in Glen Waverley – I thought this was a chain store but to my surprise while writing up this post, I found out there’s only one store. I’ve been here before, mainly because it’s in the entertainment book (buy one get one free fish pack – now that’s cheap) and it’s so conveniently located.

The place was nearly full when we got there – so much so mum was worried we wouldn’t have a seat. This was quite surprising for a Friday lunch time – luckily there was space and they did well to serve us relatively quickly given the number of customers they had.

We ordered the Bikini Pack and Chips ($14.50) – this comes with a grilled fillet of dory, chips and a salad – we chose the seafood one but weren’t that impressed by it – next time the Greek salad would probably be a better option. The seafood salad really just had fish sticks and that was about it. More vegetables please ~ but that was probably poor selection on our part. The fish itself was fantastic. Lightly battered and seasoned, the fish was very fresh. Some tartare sauce would have been a nice accompaniment.

Next we had the old school pack ($12.90) which includes a deep fried flake, a potato cake and a fried dim sim. We’ve never been a fan of these kinds of dim sims. The flake wasn’t as fresh as the dory but was deep fried well – crunchy and the batter wasn’t too thick. I can see why they called this the old school pack because it really reminded me of those after school snacks we used to have in high school (really oily potato cakes from the canteens at Flinders Street Station). Of course, the potato cake served here was miles better than that at the station. Crunchy and crisp. Not greasy and oily at all. Needless to say, the chips were also fantastic.

I wish this voucher included an option for burgers because I see there’s so many on their menu and I saw so many being served. They are quite reasonably priced between $6.50 – $12. Next time.

Hook Line and Sinker

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