Huff Bagelry in Carnegie

Urbanspoon is such a treasure trove for new restaurants to try – and am I glad we came across Huff Bagelry.  It turns out that the best bagels I’ve ever had are only 17km away (seems far but for these bagels, they’re worth the travel!).  It is definitely very popular with a nearly full venue on a weekday.  Their dine in options include plainer options such as with butter, with jam, cream cheese etc but we opted for more of a complete lunch option.





We tried the bacon and chopped egg in a blueberry bagel (we were lucky to score the last one – and when we ordered the waiter was more worried about nabbing the last bagel than we were, putting it to a side while we completed the rest of our order).  What a fantastic classical combination.  It went surprisingly well with the blueberry bagel (how do people normally eat this kind?  With something sweet?)



The other one we tried was a bagel with the lot (the caraway seeds really made things interesting), toasted with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.  This was a refreshing change – they did not salt the eggs – something for the health conscious trying to lower their salt intake.  The bagel which was toasted lightly with a bit of butter was a completely different experience to the blueberry sandwich one and really made the bagel the star of the dish (hard to do with beautifully runny scrambled eggs next to it).


We were so impressed with our meal we decided to buy some for the road – we really looked forward to breakfast the day after… Lightly toasted with some peanut butter/jam/butter…


We left feeling this happy.  Now we know, the best bagels we’ve ever had are only 17km away.


They could really do something about their website – those bagels would make a wonderful photo album… But I guess they are popular enough!

Huff Bagelry

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Huff Bagelry -37.888140, 145.057391

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