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Gosh it seems like this post and the post for Merchants Guild have gone astray so these will be super short!

I had been looking forward to my visit to Hutong Dumpling Bar – I had tried two times booking half a day in advance with no luck and finally went for lunch.  My parents made my expectations even higher saying they enjoyed the dumplings here more than Shandong Mama. I know – they don’t do xiao long bao and are completely different but seeing how much I enjoyed the dumplings there, I just couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately I was rather disappointed.  Whilst the xiao long bao were good – they weren’t the best I have had in Melbourne.  In fact they were about the same as that which I’d get at countless restaurants in Glen Waverley and Box Hill.

The spicy chilli wontons weren’t bad but I always wonder whether people actually find this dish spicy.

The mandatory fried shanghai noodles weren’t bad – the mixed vegetables were pleasing and the dish wasn’t overly oily.

Most disappointing however were the spinach dumplings – these looked like the kind that were meant for boiling.  Instead they seemed to have been steamed resulting in rather hard skins.

Perhaps our meal wasn’t Hutong at its finest – it was a weekday lunch after all.  But they should have more consistency.  Or possibly – have I missed the boat? Possibly it was better before.  With so many votes for it I was starting to feel it couldn’t possibly be bad.

Hutong Dumpling Bar

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    hutong is actually going downhill, i was quite surprised by my first visit which was about 3 years ago, but now not only their quality is not as good now, but there are also many other good chinese restaurant like shanghai street dumplings around, so i wont really go to hutong now as they still charge a fair bit of money…