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We were really tempted by this deal my brother found out about at Imperial Chinese Restaurant.  Peking Duck.  For only $38 for duck three ways – peking duck, duck soup and fried bean sprouts with duck.  The only condition is that you need to order another dish from the menu and I think it’s only available on weekdays (note we dined a few weeks ago so I’m not even sure if this deal is still on).

I quite like this place – I came here almost weekly when it was Imperial Kingdom for yum cha and the quality of the food has been maintained even with the change of owners and kitchen staff.  In fact, the yum cha seems more popular than ever.

The duck banquet is fantastic value.  The duck soup is lovely and reminds me of the kind I had in Bei Jing in Quan Ju De (of course the Bei Jing version was quite a bit nicer with lots of mushrooms…).  They used the duck carcass from the peking ducks to make the soup and the bones were actually quite nice. Also this duck soup had tofu – of course we liked it a lot.  We remembered to bring some wine to enjoy with this banquet.

Next was the peking duck – I’ve always liked peking duck – but sometimes the version I like is the one that comes with more meat and this is definitely one of them.   A generous portion of peking duck with wraps – between the three of us I think we were pretty full at this stage already.  For the wraps it came with pickled daikon radish, carrots, spring onions and sliced cucumbers.

The fried bean sprout dish was quite nice – shredded duck always adds a lovely flavour to such dishes.

For our extra dish we ordered XO fried scallops and vegetables.  By this dish we were well and truly full.  The scallops were nice and juicy though they came in a variety of shapes and so, some were overcooked.

For three people, this meal was $75 – what a bargain.

Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant

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