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Another post on Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant – I feel like our yum cha joints are rather neglected.  We all go to yum cha and there are certainly many addicts out there – I guess that contributes to why we all don’t feel the need to blog about our experiences?

I’ve been to Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant several times after the change in management from Imperial Kingdom.  Their yum cha albeit more expensive now, is great quality.  We go on the weekends during peak time however when it’s the best to go for yum cha as there’s more people and items don’t get carted around the venue time and time again.

As with all families that go to yum cha, we all have our favourites.  Tripe, steamed combination vegetables (invariably with silken tofu and mushrooms), char siu buns and duck rolls to name a few.

We’ve been rather happy with the quality of yum cha available at this place.  There are a few other places we go to including Mei Jing in Wantirna, New Royal Garden in Glen Waverley and Tai Pan in Doncaster (very difficult to find a seat on a weekend though!).  They also do dinner with specials on weekdays (see my post on it here)

Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant

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