Ishiya Japanese Stonegrill on Little Bourke Street in the CBD

I think from my experience at Ishiya Japanese Stonegrill, I’ll stick with beef next time.  Possibly we chose a day slightly too warm to have a hot stone placed in front of us for an hour whilst we slowly cooked our meal.  Being a Tuesday we were able to order from their specials which included a choice of an entree between wagyu skewers or tori no atsuta age (grilled chicken) and for the main, either a deluxe combination set (with chicken and prawn) and the aged tenderloin steak with tiger prawns ($38.90).

We had the wagyu skewers which were rather tiny – I hope they downsized for the sake of the discounted meal.

Our other entree was the kaisen harumaki, a seafood springroll.  This was coated with thin deep fried vermicelli and was served with tangy mayonnaise tinted with some wasabi.  We enjoyed this quite a lot and I liked the visual effect of the tobiko sprinkled on top.

And onto our mains.  I ordered the aged tenderloin steak.  I’ve never had stone grill with seafood before.  I imagine a fillet of fish would do well (albeit one would have to be careful not to overcook it if left on the stone).  I don’t know how prawn would taste nice on here however.  Actually I think I prefer mesh grilled food.  The stone seemed to be coated with fine salt which over seasoned the beef for me.  This could also be because I sliced the beef a little too thin.

So whilst I found my end product a little too salty especially towards the end of the meal, I’m not sure if everyone else has had this problem (my cooking at home is slightly underseasoned for most other people’s taste actually).  Ishiya Japanese Stonegrill – pricey but okay for once in a while!

Ishiya Japanese Stonegrill

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