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 My friend raves about Jim’s Greek Tavern.  I think his happy memories are mostly because of the free BYOB and all the beers we had whilst tucking into the lovely, fresh Greek food.  Because of the free BYOB, be sure to be prepared and not be like us and walk aimlessly around for a bottleshop.  We ended up making our way to Safeway for some beer!

The restaurant itself definitely sets the mood for a boisterous affair.  It’s loud inside and both times I was there, almost all the tables were merrily eating and enjoying the experience.  There’s no menu at Jim’s.  The waiter asks you if you want the set menu and that’s pretty much it!  I’m not sure if there is any other option.  The second occasion, most of us didn’t want the betel leaves but they didn’t quite get the message and gave it to us anyway.

Prepare for a long meal at Jim’s Tavern – you’re expected to leave carrying your stomach. At least the decor of the place really reminds one of Greece with the waiters carrying striped tea towels and the walls being bright white. 

 First up is the bread and dips.  Word of caution – the set menu is rather long so don’t have too much of the bread, tempting though it certainly is!

The prawns are excellent here and go well with a little lemon. The photo doesn’t quite do the dish justice but it’s delicately flavoured and the prawns are actually really huge.

Their wait staff clearly have pride in their food – they defended their dolmades so much they insisted on giving them to us.  Yes, they are good. But my table didn’t really like them and wanted something different on the second occasion.  But they are actually pretty good for dolmades – I just don’t particularly like them in general.

No set menu from a Greek restaurant will get away with leaving off Greek Salad.  Fresh tomatos, lettuce and capsicum with olives and feta.

They also serve fried calamari which is tender and again better taste wise with a squeeze of lemon.

The problem without a menu is that I’m not exactly certain what fish we were served.  On both occasions I’ve been here, the fish has been rather fresh however so no matter!


 Then onto the meat platter.  It truly is a gigantic plate of kebabs, lamb cutlets and meat patties made for people with larger appetites than my group of friends.  By this point in the meal, no doubt you’ll be feeling quite full.


 Then you’ll be served with their dessert platter! Vanilla slice, turkish delight, nut pastries – only if you have room by this stage.


There isn’t much variety at Jim’s Greek Tavern so go try out their set menu and if you feel inclined for another big Greek feast, go again for the fresh food, generous portions and really friendly atmosphere. The staff defend their set menu rather vigorously so if you have any preferences, be wary and expect a bit of a huffy attitude to your request. The set menu is roughly $50 per person from memory which is on the pricey side for the type of food involved but all in all, we have good memories of Jim’s Tavern.

Jim's Greek Tavern

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