Komeyui Japanese Restaurant in Port Melbourne

So – after much anticipation especially with their chawan mushi, we went to Komeyui to celebrate Allan’s birthday (his choice).  Located in Port Melbourne, much of my expectation was based on an offhanded comment he said while we were having the lunch special at Shiranui, stating that Komeyui’s chawan mushi was better.  Needless to say I had this place on my wish list. It is a bit far but parking was easy even on a weekend.

  First we had the assorted sushi and sashimi set.   They lightly seared the edge of one side of the sashimi which made the plate quite an impressive sight. Of course, individually ordered sushi is always more popular than sets because they tend to have crowd favourites such as unagi, tuna etc.  This time we went with soft shell crab.  Beautifully crunchy crab in sushi – what’s there not to like.  It would have been a struggle to try abide by the rule that you eat sushi in one mouthfuli! Unagi and tuna sushi – didn’t get to try these but they looked very good. Agedashi tofu was again very popular. We ordered a few omusubi which turned out to be onigiri lightly charred. They were either already flavoured or had  some filling.  They were a bit dry but interesting!  I was a little disappointed because I loved the onigiri in Japan so much – even the ones from the milk bars with the complicated way of opening, leaving a onigiri freshly wrapped with seaweed were fantastic. Eggplant with miso sauce, “dengaku” – cubes of lovely eggplant. Yes, this was a popular dish. Ox tongue with spring onion – reminded me of how lovely it would be to have time to go to Takumi (Japanese restaurant serving mostly grilled meats in the city). For the mains, I was a bit disappointed.  We tried the wagyu salad.  The wagyu tasted somewhat like what one would have for hot pot and the vegetables weren’t that exciting. I think the least popular was the miso curry hotpot – and it was $80 which is a bit steep.  It did have some very fresh seafood, I admit, just the flavour wasn’t quite to my liking.   Lastly, the chawan mushi.  Now I said we were really looking to trying this – maybe that’s why I only remembered to take a photo once we had devoured nearly half. It was good – and difficult to share as chawan mushi normally is (probably like trying to share tofu dessert).  I must say – I like both Shiranui’s and Komeyui’s chawan mushi.  Given Shiranui is closer and their chawan mushi comes with their lunch set (at komeyui it was $12.5), I’d prefer Shiranui’s.  Also at Komeyui there was a surprise ingredient of mochi which I found a bit too chewy to be in chawan mushi.  Each to their own I suppose.

They gave us a complimentary dessert which was a nice touch.

Komeyui certainly has a wide variety on offer – it is one of the down sides of Shiranui which offers a limited selection.  But for the price and mainly because of the location, I might reserve this place for special occasions.  They also have specials on with some weekdays with cheaper beer or all you can drink sake – definitely a selling point!

On a completely different note, the hairdresser next door has a really cute dog!

Komeyui Japanese Restaurant

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