Lao BeiJing Yum Cha in Glen Waverley

If you haven’t noticed by now, yum cha is a weekly habit of mine (not sure if I would CHOOSE to have yum cha weekly if the choice was given to me but oh well it’s a Saturday ritual for my family). Lao Beijing  is a relatively new addition to the yum cha scene in the south eastern suburbs.  It’s just across the road from the Glen Waverley Train Station and is run by the same people as Wonton House Secret Kitchen located not so far away in Century City Walk.  As such, the dim sum at Lao Beijing is rather similar to that served (in fact a lot are exactly the same).

The seating is spacious and laid back.  The actual store is located where Foods Paradise used to be (it sure didn’t last long!) and the decor remains the same.  There is glass window area where you can see an employee continuously making dumplings which is slightly different!

We’ve been here multiple times for yum cha since their opening – I must recommend their baked char siu buns.  They come with a sweet crunchy topping which is reminiscent of that served at Tim Ho Wun in Hong Kong – the famed michelin star dim sum restaurant.  Unfortunately I don’t have a snap of the dish…

Their other dim sum are similar to that served at Wonton House as I said – their beef tendon and tripe were quite nice on the last occasion.


If you like rice noodles, Lao Beijing also serve it cut up into small cylinders and served topped with pork spare ribs – a combination not found in other places that often.

Of note, if you love the king of fruits – Durian – they serve it encased in pastry and deep fried.  If you like durian, you’ll like this rendition.  The outer pastry is slightly nicer at Wonton House I think.

Anyway if you like yum cha and want a nice place to sit, don’t want to battle the crowds at places such as Imperial Seafood Restaurant, then try out Lao Beijing.  Similar to Wonton House, it is a bit pricier than Mei Jing and other places though.  Haven’t heard too much about their dinner service of yet.


Lao BeiJing

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Lao BeiJing -37.878979, 145.162791

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