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It’s only been a little while since my visit to Fukuryu Ramen.  This time we lined up to snatch a table on a Friday night at Little Ramen Bar.  It took about 30-40 minutes but they are rather used to the queues, taking our order in the line.  The bar itself only has a few tables inside with probably ~20-25 seats.  It’s a good thing they’re quick serving their food.

We ordered edamame ($5.9) which was a gigantic plate easily enough for four.  Needless to say between two there were a lot of beans left.

Their gyoza was also nice.  Thin wrapping skins with crispy bottoms.

Now for the main meal – ramen! Lots to choose from.  I was rather satisfied with my choice of chashu tamago but forgot to order the extra topping of corn I normally want with all my ramen.  The ramen itself was $12.9 and came with generous toppings of a nicely runny egg, chashu, spring onions, bamboo shoots and wakame.  The soup came out nice and hot which was an improvement from my experience at Fukuryu!  Realising my last experience of shio soup might have been a bit bland for my liking, I opted for the miso base this time and wasn’t disappointed.

My friend opted for something a little more adventurous – the Hokkaido Ramen which comes with minced pork, corn, BBQ pork and topped iwth a cube of butter.  The soup was clearly richer with the extra butter.

The most impressive thing is that most of the staff seem to be native Japanese speakers. You know that awkward feeling when some Japanese restaurants have staff who only speak Cantonese/Mandarin…

I think I’ve found my new favourite ramen place in Melbourne.  The only thing is, there was such a wait on a Friday night…. that and there’s so many “new” ramen places popping up, I wonder how long it’ll stay as my favourite – of course, I’m not comparing these places to Japan so don’t hold hopes a bit too high!


Little Ramen Bar

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