Madeline’s at Jells Park Wheelers Hill

It didn’t surprise me at all this place was popular – it was school holidays and the weather clearly made everyone else have the same thought as myself – that a walk in the park would be a fantastic idea.

Jells Park


Madeline’s at Jells Park is in a great location – it overlooks the lake and customers can buy take away coffee and wedges etc. The only thing was they were a little bit too busy and the signage at the front of the restaurant wasn’t the best. Myself and other patrons found ourselves waiting in line to be seated only to be told it was the take away line and to just take a seat and wait for someone to come with a menu.


My lunch companion today was sadly enough my dog, Buffy. Luckily Madeline’s has a veranda where seating is available for people with dogs. Unfortunately my dog isn’t the friendliest towards other dogs and got a bit too excited at times. Luckily she was easily bribed to settle down with some cheese from my meal.

Buffy at Madelines


I ordered the flatbread thinking it would be a thin pita bread with topping – I was a bit surprised to be served what looked more like a pizza. Nevertheless it was quite enjoyable – just a bit too much cheese but it was Buffy’s lucky day I guess. For the price, it was a bit too simple – but I guess with Madeline’s location, I can’t complain.

Flat bread: Pumpkin, red capsicum & goat’s cheese topped w roquette

The last time I came here back a few years ago we had breakfast – I think I enjoyed that more – it’s a shame their breakfast only goes until 12 sharp. Next time I’ll just need to remember to bring the dogs for a walk earlier.



Madeline's at Jells

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