Mazzitelli Italian Restaurant in Richmond – dinner

Only three months left to use the 2013/2014 entertainment book – powering on! Mazzitelli is in there and I found it so surprising I didn’t ear mark it earlier.  When going out with my friends it’s always difficult because I live a bit further away and finding a restaurant in the “middle” is difficult.

I’m so glad we chose Mazzitelli.  We had a truly lovely time – 4 hours of good food and conversation.

Most of the reviews on urbanspoon seem to suggest Mazzitelli is more of a brunch/lunch place – I’d suggest you try them for dinner.  Their decor and food reminded me of Saint Crispin. The differences? Food at a fraction of the price and being able to order individual dishes/share plates rather than a set three course meal.  The venue itself has a rather interesting design with arches and a staircase leading to a second level.   Their daily specials are also written directly onto the wall.

Note excuse the awful colour changes in the photos – the restaurant had mood lighting i.e. dim.

We started with some Arrancini with ragu and spiced tomato relish.  One of the comments from the table was “I normally don’t like arrancini but this is great”.  My thoughts exactly.

We also tried their octopus carpaccia – fantastic.  Whoever knew cut tomatos with crispy croutons could be so nice – oh yes the octopus was great too.

Mains wise, who can resist 12 hour cooked anything.  Their offering is lamb neck which was succulent and on top a generous bed of smoked eggplant.  I love a dish that comes with plenty of greens.

I chose their garfish that comes served with potato salad and carrot.  Lovely and refreshing – the flavours went well together.  The fish definitely needed the sides to stop it from being a bit on the dry side.  Note as it is garfish, I think some bones are inevitable – be careful when eating:)

My friends ordered the swiss brown mushroom and porcini risotto with truffle.  Quite nice! The portion pictured is actually half because they considerately separated it into two, knowing they were sharing.

Desserts wise, I chose the lemon sorbet with limoncello.  I wasn’t expecting a drink! It was pleasantly refreshing.  It became a bit too sweet by the end of it however.

The tiramisu was great – it did have a half eaten look to it which was rather quirky – perhaps it could be better described as having a rustic appearance.

My friend ordered this one – I can’t remember the menu but I think it was chocolate pudding with pear somewhere either in the pudding or with the ice cream.

We had a lovely time.  I’d love to try Mazzitelli for brunch – it’s a shame it’s a bit far.  On the other hand, dinner could be an option and an added bonus is that it is remarkably easy to find parking (we parked right in front). I do hope this restaurant is in next year’s Entertainment Book – having said that even if it isn’t, I’d still be keen to return.


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Mazzitelli -37.818228, 144.995235

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