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Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant is conveniently located in Wantirna, just off the Eastlink.  We come here often for yum cha (we always rotate between here and the few places in the Eastern suburbs such as Imperial Kingdom).  This time we came here for dinner – more specifically, their crab.  Nicely cooked and a generous bed of noodles to soak up all that juice.  Maybe it was because I had crab two days in a row (the other day being at Omah’s – lucky me hey!), I found this crab to be not as good as Omah’s but enjoyable none the less because I do like the cantonese style crab with ginger and spring onions.

After the crab we ordered a few mains such as their garlic beef.  Although the beef was very tender and the deep fried garlic pieces were quite fragrant, we felt this dish was heavily salted and even eating it combined with rice didn’t take this feeling away.

Deep fried fish with corn sauce is always a favourite for us.  The fish was soft and cooked perfectly.  I’m always surprised the pieces aren’t more tough when deep fried like this…

Fried chinese brocolli with prawn cake – nothing to rave about but done well.  Stir fried vegetables are a staple and the chinese brocolli was quite fresh and well picked, not being tough at all.


Mei Jing Chinese Restaurant

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