Melbourne International Coffee Expo 2014 (aka MICE) 15 – 18 May

Another year, another coffee expo! The Melbourne International Coffee Expo is on this weekend in case you want to grab a few cups of your favourite brew here and there at the showgrounds.  There’s also plenty of bags of coffee to buy from your favourite roaster such as Code Black Coffee, Five Senses, Axil Roasters.

Code Black Coffee on Urbanspoon

Axil Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon


Thumbs up to Toby’s Estate – one of the few stands I saw brandishing soy milk for their lattes (yay for the lactose intolerant).

Toby's Estate on Urbanspoon

The only warning I’ll give you is that a lot of coffee can make you feel quite ill – keep hydrated and possibly drink some chai whilst you’re there.  This year Calmer Chai, Prana Chai and Arkadia are there along with a few brands of tea.  There’s also a few brands of soy milk around such as Bonsoy, Vitasoy and more.

We go every year to look for new products to stock in our shop.  This year I was quite interested in coffee mugs because the design was quite funny.  Shame they weren’t selling individually at the expo today.  Keep cup is also promoting their new cork design which looks quite nice actually.


Also, I quite like the freebies.  Look up when Bodum is giving away their anniversary travel mug – they’re double walled and tall enough for a double to bring to work… I didn’t quite like the coffee served in it as much as the other places but the mug was great!

Another reason to go is actually to buy some coffee equipment – there’s siphons, coffee machines, coffee roasters (I spied the Hottop coffee roaster which I bought second hand a few months ago for ~ $800, going for ~$1100 which is about $200 off RRP) and was surprised to find the VST basket I just bought for $30 at “wholesale” price going for $20 (check out Pullman’s stand).

Some of the more eye catching coffee machines/stands:

Of course, we had to visit the stands from our suppliers – Cafetto and Bombora. They’re offering discounts for the handpresso and a handful of other items.

In between all this don’t forget to collect the keywords to enter the prize for an Isomac Coffee Machine. Six words are hidden around the venue and they’re quite tricky to find but the grand prize is quite tempting!  We took quite a while to find them actually because they’re scattered around the venue… Don’t forget to check out the barista competitions whilst you’re there.  

So if you have some free time this weekend, head to the coffee expo – it’s only on once a year and there are a few bargains for the home coffee hobbyist:)

MICE 2014

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