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Again – I’ve had to re-write this post due to the original being lost (possibly when I changed servers) so it’ll be short!

We had to wait half an hour for a table at Merchants Guild on a Sunday – it was worth it luckily! Fresh ingredients with an exciting menu.  If this place was closer I’d come more often! We came knowing one of us would order the doughnut french toast ($16.50) – it’s obviously a bit on the rich side so I’m glad to have snuck away a triangle of my friend’s dish rather than order it for myself.

It was lovely – doughnut and french toast – really now.  How could it go wrong? Light and fluffy and served with poached cherries, banana, pistachios and a generous dollop of mascarpone.

My friend had the eggs panzella which was rather rustic in its presentation. Teared bread and a lot of pancetta.  

My choice was the pumpkin, feta and harissa polenta biscuit.  It always amazes me how much I love polenta based dishes and this was no exception.  It’s nice to not have the almost mandatory slice of bread.  The poached eggs were lovely and gooey as expected and as we all know pumpkin and feta just go well together.

Merchants Guild – it’s a keeper! Prepare for possibly needing to wait for a table however.

Merchants Guild

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