Miss Polly cafe for breaktfast/brunch in Mitcham

I did say I wanted to try Miss Polly’s pancakes.  This cafe in Mitcham has been on the “to visit again” list for a while.  I was a bit perplexed that waiting staff didn’t greet me when I went up to the cash register but after a while I got their attention and we were seated outside.  What a lovely strip of cafes Miss Polly is part of.  It was bustling on the Tuesday morning we went – here and the cafes next door – other places to try out next time I suppose!

Shame I think they changed their menu – there’s no mention of grapefruit curd…  Now I’ve read that they are fantastic but what caught my eye was the Something Salmon. Layered corn fritters with a tomato relish, spinach, a generous portion of smoked salmon and a poached egg on top.  A perfectly poached egg by the way – I didn’t catch the gooey escape but you can imagine that cascading down.

Our drinks were lovely.  I was a bit miffed that the waitress didn’t know what brand of chai they used (I really like Prana Chai and asked if they serve that – she had no idea except that it was made from leaves rather than powder).  She did make up for it when she asked how the something salmon was when I was paying at the cash register however – that and bringing two plates after we mentioned we were sharing.

Miss Polly. I’ll be back for those pancakes next time.


Note that on googlemaps the location is a bit off (the map below is correct)- it’s located in the strip next to Coles near Petstock.  If you drive down Whitehorse Road and look out for Petstock, you’ll be in the right place.

Miss Polly

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Miss Polly -37.816106, 145.192106

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