Miss Polly in Mitcham: take away 2

Quick post – such a shame I already had a steak and mushroom pie before finding this cafe. I’ve been meaning to try Calmer Sutra Chai (a recommendation from a friend who drives to ?Moorabbin from Box Hill to source it) for a while having finished my bag of Prana Chai from the coffee expo earlier this year and found that this cafe was listed on their website.

Of course, I got tempted by their display of sweets and had a muffin as well… I chose a raspberry and white chocolate one – I must say their muffin suffered from the same problem mine often do as well – gravity while baking! They were clearly very generous with their white chocolate chips because most of them migrated to the bottom and caramelised (still tasty!)

Miss Polly take away muffin and chai

Miss Polly take away muffin and chai

It’s really unfortunate I was rushing to go to a doggy date because I forgot to confirm they actually served Calmer Sutra Chai – it certainly did have the brewed chai feel with a little bit more residue than I’d like in the bottom of the cup.  They used quite a bit of honey but I guess the chai to go with the sweet muffin needs to pack quite a punch.

I need to come back to try their pancakes – looks amazing and served with grapefruit curd….


The dogs were certainly welcome at this cafe – I saw one in a cute woolen jacket… Shame my rather insecure dog isn’t very social… She behaved somewhat at the doggy date though – probably because there were cupcakes for the dogs (!).

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Miss Polly

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