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We’ve been trying out a lot of Japanese restaurants. Miyako in Southbank happens to be in the entertainment book and since it also has a lovely view of the Yarra, we decided to try it out for my birthday.

The decor is on par with all the nearby restaurants – impressive and a lovely place to take out friends/visiting relatives.




The appetiser was some minced ?tuna with a small toast – strangely reminiscent of canned tuna but fancier.



We ordered the sushi set.  As always, the main difficulty was choosing which ones to have while sharing between five.  Beautiful presentation, unfortunately my photo doesn’t quite do it justice.

Next we had the soft shell crab agedashi tofu – I’ve always liked agedashi tofu and well, to top it with soft shell crab would be indeed a way of improving the usual dish.  Unfortunately the soft shell crab was rather disappointing – possibly because of the timing of the dishes coming, we let it soak in that lovely sauce a bit too long.

Tempura? It had a lovely light batter and was a generous serving of prawns, sweet potato, eggplant, zucchini.

On to our mains:

Salmon kami tsutsumi – baked in a paper bag to seal in all those flavours (Jamie Oliver would have been proud), the salmon was fantastic, served with a sweet ponzu sauce.  Interestingly, the limelight was stolen a tad from the fish by the bed of mushrooms that had soaked up all the juices.

Next was double roasted duck served with blueberry port teriyaki sauce.  This was the least enjoyable main for us – we found the meat a little tough (maybe we are too set in our ways and want our cantonese styled roast duck every time).

Beef fried rice – this was great and quite cheap in comparison at $11.00!  It was served with umeboshi (pickled plum) which was a great accompaniment to the rice.  Probably quite a shock to my dad who didn’t know what it was when he tasted it.

Our last dish was wafu steak (translation: western styled steak) – we’ve had our fair share of steaks (see our posts on Steer Bar and Grill) – we haven’t seen any steaks like this!  It was a char grilled piece of eye fillet served with miso garlic crust and sauce.  Certainly a generous portion with two steaks for $36 but it was a bit over done for our liking.  Actually in hindsight, I don’t think we were given the option of how we wanted our steak.


A lovely dinner and we were made to feel very welcome by the staff.  On a side note, because it was my birthday, my brother’s girlfriend brought a lovely cake from Le Petit Gateau – brownie and passionfruit chocolate Gateau.  The waiter really struggled to help us plate the cake because we forgot to ask them to let the cake stand out of the fridge for 10-20 minutes before serving.  Nevertheless, he persisted and did a fantastic job plating – each piece looked like it would have from the shop!  The only finicky point I’ll make is that the waitress who served us spoke Cantonese and didn’t seem to understand when I ordered my drink pronouncing it as you would in Japanese… But, most of the dishes were quite enjoyable, it’s located conveniently on Southbank and hey, it’s in the entertainment book with 25% off.  Why not give it a go and see – they also have teppanyaki.


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