Mook Ji Bar Korean in the CBD

Mook Ji Bar! Can you believe my friends felt it necessary to call at 4:30pm to make sure there were tables available? Sure it was a weekend but I thought it was a bit much! It turns out they don’t take bookings but when we got there it actually already did have quite a few tables already tucking in. There were quite a few members of staff and customers speaking Korean so they seemed rather authentic! Now you’ll have to excuse the photos – it’s obvious when I haven’t got my DSLR awkwardly balanced on my lap for the whole meal isn’t it!

What’s a Korean restaurant without their free side dishes!

Many other reviews have raved on about the fried chicken – we tried the soy and the spicy one.  The spicy one isn’t for the faint hearted so watch out! Very succulent pieces if you can get past the pain!

We also tried the Kimchi soup – we finished off two of these easy – a raw egg is cracked into it prior to serving so be sure to give it a good stir to cook thoroughly.

Their fried sweet potato noodles and the seafood pancake went down well. I’m glad the sweet potato noodles weren’t too chewy – I remember on occasion spending a long time eating simply concentrating on chewing these…

If you don’t know what to get from this restaurant and want to try a variety of things – maybe try the tteokbokki! It comes with egg, bean curd bits and rods of rice noodles.

What a satisfying meal. For all this food we only paid $13 each between 9 people. Mook Ji Bar – it’s a shame you’re in the city. If you’re around Glen Waverley try out Meega and Kimchi Hut.

Mook Ji Bar

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