Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar Dinner and Dessert Degustation in Crown Metropol, Southbank

Some restaurants deserve a second chance.  This is my feeling after trying Mr Hive Kitchen & Bar for the second time.  My first time was marred by a horrible experience getting to the Crown, queuing for 45 minutes to get into the carpark and being about an hour late to a dinner I had organised.  I was rather hesitant when my friend suggested going to Mr Hive for their dessert degustation but I’m glad we did end up going because after this meal, I’d say I’d definitely come back (and my friend has already booked us in for next year).

Below are some pictures from my the previous occasion (oops I had forgotten I already posted about it!):

Our starter was salmon cream on a crispy ?potato wafer.  Not for people who don’t enjoy the taste of fish.

Between three girls we ordered an entree, the vegetarian ravioli, and one main. The vegetarian ravioli was a suggestion by the waitress as we had explained we were saving room for dessert.  I guess we were after some hint of a balanced diet.  The ravioli was visually stunning but was rather plain flavour wise.

The main we chose was the beef short rib ($55) – I find it rather strange it was not listed in the “to share” section of the menu because the hunk of meat served to us certainly exceeded our expectations.  When choosing this main all we had in mind was “dessert degustation”.  It turns out when the menu stated 500g, it meant without the bone no doubt.  The beef rib was fantastic.  The best I’ve had at a restaurant to date – beautifully marbled beef easily coming apart with a fork.  I loved the rustic presentation on a chopping board with a carving knife.

Of course, with a balanced diet in mind (“dessert… dessert… dessert”), we ordered a side – the roasted cardamom carrots which came with a more than generous serving of butter ($9).

After this *cough* light dinner, we were promptly ushered towards the bar for the anticipated degustation.  I’m not sure how other diners (or other bloggers for that matter!) remember what they’ve eaten at the end because although the chef was lovely, going through all the elements on each dish, to be honest I think we were too busy enjoying them rather than analysing every small detail.  It would have helped immensely if they made a menu…

Our first dish included a basil sorbet and blackberries.  Lovely fresh flavours to start off the five courses.

The second was a lychee tartare with gruyere cheese, bubbles and raspberries.  This was my least favourite dish – the main component, the lychee tartare, seemed to me like simply a flattened lychee while the foam seemed too theatrical rather than tasty and the gruyere cheese was rather subtle.  It did come with a lychee sorbet with rose petal which was fantastic however.

Our next course was charred grapefruit served with peach sorbet and milk crumb topped with a sugar balloon (no, I don’t have dreams to quit my job and name desserts instead).  The milk crumb was lovely and the dish came together really well.  I think degustation desserts run the risk of having everything tasting nice by themselves but not really enjoyed as a whole but it wasn’t a problem here.

This was paired with mandarin ice cream balls served like a lollipop.  Beautiful and they had a lovely shine after a blast from the blowtorch.

My favourite of the night was a mango dish paired with oat biscuits and beer granita.  The bitterness went well with the mango and I loved the crispy oat base.

As a side dish we were served chocolate doughnuts.  Simply lovely.

Last was a chocolate based dish served with blueberry sorbet.  The richest course with dark chocolate – I’m glad they served this last – we had a lot of food that night!  Loved the blueberry sorbet – I’m glad they minimised the use of chocolate in all the other dishes.

To end off this night, we were served a thick chocolate milk.  A sugary ending.

We were also given some chocolate truffles to take home (who could fit more in after all this) – having said that mine only lasted until the day after.  I didn’t like the chai dark chocolate one on the right but the salted truffle on the left was lovely.

The dessert degustation was $45 for five courses and comes with about two to three small dishes and chocolates to bring home.  A must for any lover of dessert.  Their menu changes every week and seems to have changed quite a bit (our dessert chef said he had only just started working there was happy with how creative he can get with the degustation).

We were able to use our entertainment card with this meal – in total it would have been about $70 per person, but the entertainment card brought the total down by $50 so each it was about $55. They add a surcharge for credit cards so remember to bring cash!


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