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I don’t often find myself in Mitcham – and when I was there recently I was looking for a place serving breakfast at 7am with easy parking.  Scoring 91% on urbanspoon, I thought Mr Mitchum would be a great place to try out.  The first glitch was that for some reason when I typed in Mr Mitchum into googlemaps, it took me ~1km away – luckily the shop front is actually quite easy to recognise as Mr Mitchum if you’re in the general vicinity.

Looking at their menu, I was somewhat disappointed, but only because it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind – I was thinking it looked more fancy having had a look at Hold the Peas blog post  regarding this restaurant.  I think it reminded me more of Zoukis or other chain restaurants (I think I was regretting not going to try out those grapefruit curd pancakes at Miss Polly I’ve had my mind on).

Having said that, the french toast was good value – this with a soy latte was $12.80 in total.  I wonder how many people order french toast and think they will get four slices of bread?  Taste wise it was rather average unfortunately – it tasted like what I could make easily at home and I think the bread was a bit too soft to hold up to the egg mixture.  It really reminded me of an important lesson from American Test Kitchen – if you don’t have stale bread, you can make french toast with bread lightly dried in the oven first.

The coffee though was great! I guess I might try it out for lunch if I’m in the area – it is quite cheap and the venue is quite open and relaxed.  Seemed rather popular with a steady stream of people ordering take away.

Mr Mitchum

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Mr Mitchum -37.830974, 145.194286


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One thought on “Mr Mitchum in Mitcham

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    Thanks for the link to my blog!
    I still haven’t got to Mr Mitchum for breakfast as they are still only on weekdays.
    I haven’t blogged it yet, but I had the grapefruit curd pancakes at Miss Polly last weekend, they were pretty good!