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If you’ve ever been to Carnegie’s Kooyong Koornang Road, you’d know you are spoilt for choice restaurant wise.   There’s Shyun, Eastern dumpling, Goga Sundae and the list goes on.  One relatively recent addition is Mrs Kim’s Grill which easily stands out because of it’s characteristic yellow and black banner and open decor.  It was a great day for barbecue we chose – well above thirty degrees and they had their doors wide open to allow adequate ventilation.  The shop itself is well spaced out with rows of high tables each with individual BBQ plates.

We chose to share a few sets between eight of us (we went with beef, lamb and chicken)- the menu really does make it convenient to order with moo (beef), baa (lamb), oink (pork) and cluck (chicken) sets.

One tip – if you are a finicky eater and have ordered thin slices of meats that cook quickly (such as the ox tongue) – be sure to be firm when insisting on cooking your own meat.  Our waitress was too friendly and eager and plonked all the slices on before we were all really ready to grab them so we were eating rather crispy (and dry) pieces of ox tongue.

As with many korean barbecue places, Mrs Kim’s Grills offers condiments – the most popular amongst my friends was surprisingly their finely shredded spring onions which went well with the meat and rice.  I especially enjoyed their vegetable dishes such as the butter and garlic potatoes with corn.  It’s placed in a foil tray and placed on the barbecue plate for a while to stew in all the buttery goodness.

Our favourite was the lamb by far – possibly our timing with cooking wasn’t the best and so the fattiest meat tasted the best.  Staff were friendly and helped us clear the table promptly with the limited space.  One of the waitresses while helping us cook and distribute the food that was cooked rather thoughtfully offered a fork and knife to my friend who seemed to have been struggling with chopsticks.  Perhaps they were a bit more free than usual because it was a tad too hot for most other customers to consider having korean barbecue (or is it the best time?)

Anyway we had a lovely time.  The food was great, the venue was clean and uncluttered and the staff were wonderful.  They put up with our mess with bon bons and christmas present decorations and I’d be glad to go again, perhaps this time during cooler weather or at night with beer/sake.

Mrs Kim's Grill

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