New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant and I love Pho in Emporium Food Court

Normally I don’t go to the city but around the Christmas period Emporium had a pretty good parking deal (free!) with the pre-booking service secure parking so that tempted me out to the city.

New Shanghai

First up was New Shanghai! We started eating at about 530pm but the venue was already starting to fill up with early diners.

We basically ordered our favourites, saving space for pho later.  The xiao long bao here was great ($7.8 for 8) – overall the quality was much better than I’ve had at other restaurants like Hutong.

If you’ve tried xiao long bao before and loved it, its oilier cousin is panfried shanghai pork buns ($10.50 for 8).  Crispy base and all that juice inside.  Yum.

We also tried the Prawn Wonton Tossed with Peanut Butter, Chilli Oil and Spices – it wasn’t as spicy as I expected it to be but nevertheless it was pretty good.  I did find the peanut butter a bit overpowering in this dish – perhaps sesame sauce would have been nicer.

Between four of us we only ordered these dishes thinking we’d leave room for Pho.  I wish we had more at New Shanghai though because we liked it more and it is in the entertainment book with a 25% discount.

New Shanghai on Urbanspoon

I love Pho

Exciting that Pho can be so closeby and convenient but unfortunately it wasn’t that good.  The soup wasn’t hot enough to wilt the beansprouts and the flavour wasn’t was nice as that which you’d get in Springvale or their restaurant in Richmond.

I Love Pho Express on Urbanspoon

New Shanghai Restaurant

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