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It’s great when you try a new restaurant and like it. And go back again. And again. And again.  For me, Omah’s has been one of those restaurants.  A friend initially recommended it having gone to the one in Port Melbourne but of course with there being an Omah’s in Hawthorn, I’ve only tried there.

Recently we went on Monday as they have the Monday night crab special – $45 for an entree (crab omelette), a crab and a dessert.  This is quite a bargain – especially since recently they have changed their pricing structure to the crabs being priced per kg rather than per crab.  However, of course, the crab served on Monday nights is smaller than usual!

The omelette has definitely shrunk since the last time I went! Before and after shots:



The crab can be served in seven different ways – the only one I haven’t tried is the butter one (is this new?) but oh well – my favourites are definitely the salted egg and the chilli crab.  It’s a shame seafood can be so finicky. The first time I tried Omah’s I remember it blew me away how perfectly cooked the crab was.  Unfortunately the next few times I’ve tried the crabs although they’ve been great, they just haven’t been able to attain that level again.

Chilli crab (great to go with rice!All that delicious sauce… Some people might argue it’s on the sweet side – I don’t mind at all!):


Black pepper crab:

Five spice crab (not Monday night size – can you tell the difference? This tastes similar to the salted egg crab but… no salted egg:():

Salted egg crab:

The dessert varies – one time we had sago with coconut which was better than the kueh that we had the first time.

Other dishes we’ve tried in the past have included the fried kueh teow.  Unfortunately last time I ordered it, it was quite different and rather disappointingly burnt.  The first time I ordered it, it was one of the best kueh teow I had had in Melbourne for a while.  My friend blamed it being a Monday night but really I wish their quality had been maintained because I was recommended that dish.

For their other dishes, nothing really stands out that much so don’t bring your friends who don’t like seafood!  We’ve tried the gado-gado which is great for veggies and better than their kang kong (water spinach) which was a bit salty for us.


Loh bak is a great starter to share.


Coconut prawns presentation wise was great – the taste was okay – I think the main attraction of this place is crab so that’s alright:)


When calling to book, be sure to mention how many crabs you want.  We were quite disappointed a few weeks ago when they called Monday morning saying their supplier had failed to deliver any crabs and they didn’t have any for the night!  That and expect a phone call to confirm your booking on the morning – it’s always difficult to keep a straight face when answering a phone call during work and needing to reply on the phone “Yes, we booked for 2 crabs tonight”.

Now they used to be in the entertainment book – sadly not this year.  Also, they used to have a frequent customer card where you get a free crab every 7 or so – they don’t seem to be handing these out any more either! Business must be good… They better keep their standards up if they want me to come back as frequently though. Lately their standards have been slipping a bit

Omah's Restaurant: Hawthorn

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