Ora Cafe Brunch in Kew

A short post on Ora Cafe in Kew – it seems like this cafe is a not so well kept secret of Kew having recently featured in the Age as well as winning the best food ward in the Age’s Good Cafe Guide.  It isn’t without merit I’m happy to say as our party of three was pretty satisfied as we tucked into our black pudding fritters and tiffin eggs.

My two friends ordered the black pudding fritters which were fluffy with chopped up bits of black pudding inside.  I actually haven’t seen black pudding on the menu much at cafes except when I was in Edinburgh (even then I think they had it on the menu more for tourists as it was served on the side of eggs and bacon etc).  Loved the beetroot aioli which gave flavour and colour to the dish.

I tried the tiffin eggs – as you can see, the scotch eggs are lovely with gooey yolks and a nutty crumb on top of a bed of pickled cauliflower and mildly spiced potatos.  I can see why this dish is a customer favourite.

On a side note, they also sell cupcakes and doughnuts at the counter – be quick though, both of my friends were eyeing off their last doughnut which was rather quickly purchased and not replenished…

Ora cafe

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