The Grand Hotel Dining Room Richmond – Pub Lunch

I’ve been to The Grand before for a lovely dinner and liked it very much.  Little did I know that their pub section is actually rather popular – I’m glad we went there for lunch this time.  The pub section is much more laid back and features an outdoor seating area which would probably have […]



Dare III Korean Restaurant in Richmond

Our experience at Dare III started off pretty bad but the food made up for it! My friend had reserved a table for the occasion since we had a group of about ten.  On arrival they didn’t get us a booth table until we complained that we were sitting on about three to four separate […]

East Elevation brunch in East Brunswick 2

A cafe sharing a business and building with a chocolate factory.  East Elevation was the choice of my friend for brunch because of this.  It’s a shame after my dish which was full of beans I didn’t feel like a hot chocolate at all – something to keep in mind for next time because those […]



I Spicy Thai Restaurant for Dinner in Hawthorn

Recent comments on urbanspoon seem to suggest i Spicy’s serving size has decreased.  I think it was my second time here – I remember having trouble finding it since it’s located in the same building as Safeway (hence parking is remarkably easy to find).  If you’re looking for a place to sit for ages and […]

Le Flaneur Brunch in Hawthorn

French toast was our mission for the day – I’m quite glad we chose Le Flaneur.  I had a lovely dinner there a while ago and was quite keen to try out their menu this year.  It’s so seasonal I do wish they kept their current menu on their facebook – my friend would have been […]



Crabapple kitchen for brunch in Hawthorn

We had a lovely time at Crabapple kitchen – there’s ample parking and we certainly weren’t rushed out the door as we had a leisurely brunch with dessert as well.  It was on the other hand a tad pricey for the type of food and portion sizes but the food was fresh. I had the […]

Merchants Guild Brunch in Bentleigh 1

Again – I’ve had to re-write this post due to the original being lost (possibly when I changed servers) so it’ll be short! We had to wait half an hour for a table at Merchants Guild on a Sunday – it was worth it luckily! Fresh ingredients with an exciting menu.  If this place was […]



Hutong Dumpling Bar on Market Lane in the CBD 1

Gosh it seems like this post and the post for Merchants Guild have gone astray so these will be super short! I had been looking forward to my visit to Hutong Dumpling Bar – I had tried two times booking half a day in advance with no luck and finally went for lunch.  My parents […]

Burgda Uyghur Restaurant Xinjiang in Glen Waverley

Burgda Uyghur Restaurant is a relative newcomer to the rather long list of restaurants in Glen Waverley – it’s located opposite the train station on Railway Parade.  My family quite likes Xinjiang food – especially lamb skewers so we tried this restaurant a while ago. (I wonder how long they’ll use this type of servingware!) […]



Ora Cafe Brunch in Kew

A short post on Ora Cafe in Kew – it seems like this cafe is a not so well kept secret of Kew having recently featured in the Age as well as winning the best food ward in the Age’s Good Cafe Guide.  It isn’t without merit I’m happy to say as our party of […]