Pho Hung and Nam Giao Vietnamese in Springvale

Springvale means great Vietnamese food. I think that’s what everyone thinks of – at least I hope that’s what comes to mind first – I can think of other less savoury things that come to mind after food.

I’m trying to break this restaurant rut – for years my family have always been going to the same restaurant in Springvale.  We go there so often we know where it is, but don’t even know the name (I had to look it up on google maps – it’s Pho Hung). We can even arrange to meet up with my brother saying we want Vietnamese noodles in Springvale – he’ll know where. The pho there is exceptional – always consistent, fast and lovely smooth pieces of beef.  It’s a shame they don’t serve much else besides pho, springrolls and broken rice. Okay fine they also do three coloured drinks really well.

If you haven’t tried Pho Hung, give it a go – who knows? It might become your next go to restaurant.

Pho Hung

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Pho Hung -37.951096, 145.151503

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So that sets the scene for our trial of Nam Giao! We were pleasantly surprised and went back the following week to try out different things.  Now, I did note some of the urbanspoon comments were on the negative side especially because they are a tad slow at serving the food.  On the first occasion there were only three other tables so we were lucky.  The second time was on Australia Day (not so Australian I know…:().  It was a hot day and we waited for around 30 minutes between ordering and the food arriving… and two other tables also were also anxiously waiting with us. So don’t go if you don’t want to wait!

I’ve seen people comment about the decor or how shabby it looks – really at the end of the day I go to places in Springvale a lot shabbier than this and the reason I keep going is because the food is good.

The dishes we’ve tried thus far are:

Combination beef noodle soup – probably better to stick with Pho Hung – larger and faster.

Bún bò huế – we ordered this dish after reading a few reviews of people much more knowledgeable about Vietnamese food than myself.  Spicy and with vermicelli rather than pho.  Definitely a change to the usual. Interesting they serve plates of shredded lettuce to be placed in the soup as well as the usual bean sprouts.

Vermicelli (bun) – sugar cane prawn and grilled pork/spring rolls.   A wonderful dish in summer as I’m sure many of you will have tried by now with the advent of Roll’d. The prawns were plump, springy and very generously portioned in terms of noodle:prawn ratio.

Actually the spring roll and grilled pork version was one of the best I’ve had in Melbourne – I’ve always had a thing about springrolls going soggy in this dish with the dressing but it didn’t seem to happen as quickly – can’t think why.  The pork was lovely.

Now, for the other two noodle soups we tried I think I’ve failed as a blogger – all I can remember is one the second one pictured was rather mild flavour wise and my parents didn’t like it. It’s quite hard to remember those long drawn out English descriptions. Vermicelli/Noodle with combination ??? soup.  We’ll just have to go and order randomly again.

Does anyone have any restaurant suggestions in Springvale?  We also like going to Nam Phuong except the decor is a bit shabby and the prices aren’t that cheap surprisingly enough.

Nam Giao

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Nam Giao -37.950714, 145.153963

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